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Our Current Projects:

  • Maryland Transit Analyses and Assurances Equity Act (HB 1204 in 2021)
  • Assures transparency of the degree of equity analysis of budget and service changes.
  • Insures community input in the analytic process. Particularly in affected communities.
  • Holds MDOT/MTA to a level of accountability beyond verbal commitments.
  • Regional Transit Authority Project

Modeled after the Housing Trust Charter Amendment in Baltimore City, this project endeavors to submit a petition of 10,000 plus signatures of Baltimore residents to City Council. The request will be to add an Amendment to the city charter to endorse the establishment of a Regional Transit Authority (RTA) to include Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, and Harford County. An RTA creates an alternative entity beyond MDOT/MTA to apply for federal funding by which transportation infrastructure can be upgraded. The primary project to be resurrected would be the Red-Line Line combined light rail/subway project for the aforenamed jurisdictions.

Project Status

  • HB 1204 will undergo a review and edit for refiling prior to 2022 Maryland Legislative Session. Bill filer Delegate Sheila Ruth (D Balt. Co.) and Senator Jill Carter (D. Balt. City) along with Samuel Jordan of Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition (BTEC) will serve as BRIDGE’s lead partners. We would also seek to meet with House Speaker Adrienne Jones and Delegate Maggie McIntosh (D. Balt. City) to discuss equity and fiscal note projections.
  • The RTA petition signing progresses towards 10,000 signatures. Petition signings occur at 32nd St. Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

BRIDGE Maryland Needs

  • Members of the General Assembly personally connected to public transportation.
  • Members available for evening zoom meetings and possible evening town halls.
  • Members that routinely read daily news on computer. BMI needs regular attention given to transportation related articles from Baltimore Sun, Maryland Matters, Baltimore Brew.

Leader: Rev. Brian Murray

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