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BRIDGE Maryland uses intentional relationship building, organizing and intensive leadership development in order to strengthen congregations and faith leaders to demonstrate and advance justice in the world.

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Community Building


Voters: You must register for a mail-in ballot EACH TIME you vote by mail! Maryland does NOT have a permanent mail-in list. If you voted by mail previously you must register again. You must request a mail-in ballot by Oct. 20 -- earlier the better.

There are three ways you can request a mail-in ballot. 

If you have a MD license or ID: 

They will mail you a ballot.  After voting and signing, you can mail it back or you can place it in a drop box or take to an early voting site after Oct. 26

Or Print, sign, and return:

Or Go in person to your Board of Elections to request: 

Addendum: You can hand deliver your early voting ballot to an Early Voting place after Oct. 26th or on Election Day, Nov 3. Early Voting found here:

"PROTECT OUR MINORS" -- BRIDGE Maryland's Legislative Initiative

News Posts
  • PLAN YOUR VOTE! To check your registration, apply for a mail-in ballot, learn about where to take your ballot, and the election schedule, go to Maryland Voter Services.  This is a crucial election!

    • BRIDGE Maryland Virtual Phone Bank Projects: BRIDGE is committed to building fully inclusive communities in the state of Maryland. Our outreach team will launch a second phone bank focused on moving people into deeper voter engagement around the issues that impact them and exercising their right to vote. WE ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS! PLEASE PICK UP THE PHONE!
  • Criminal Justice Task Force Moving Forward
  • Protect Our Minors
Meeting with Harford County Police
Meeting with Harford County Police
    • BRIDGE Maryland Criminal Justice Task Force News: As a leader of a Harford County Coalition that included the NAACP Harford County Chapter, Together We Will Harford County/Upper Chesapeake, Harford County Caucus of African American Leaders, conducted 4 Community Forums with four different Harford County law enforcement agencies covering 10 questions related to policing practices. Their primary target was to stop choke holds and kneeling on the neck. Over 700 people were involved in the online meetings. The last meeting with the Harford County Sheriff had 25 questions from those in attendance. We are working to schedule follow-up meetings. BRIDGE Maryland Inc. is working to use these actions to expand our footprint into Harford County. 
    Upcoming Events

    1st Thursday, 7 PM -- General Assembly (open to all, lay and clergy, for organizing mini-trainings and determination on issues and actions to pursue (email for link to join the Zoom)

    2nd Thursday, 7 PM -- Board of Directors' meeting

    3rd Thursday, 10 AM-12 noon -- Religious Leaders' Caucus (open to clergy and religious leaders of any faith, for spirit-led mini-trainings and mutual support in the mission of furthering God's "Beloved Community")

    Task Forces set their own meetings.  

    • For news of other events, check our Facebook page, which you can access by clicking the button at the top of this page. The BRIDGE Maryland leadership wishes health and a continuation of hope to you all, until we can meet in person again.

    Training We Offer

    Relationship Building

    Know Your Why by Michael Jr.


    BRIDGE Maryland will offer online training by Zoom at the General Assembly, Sept. 3, 7-9 PM. Current members will receive an invitation by email -- if you want one, click above on the "BRIDGE Maryland Updates" button at the top of this page and we'll get it to you!

    We shall be practicing Integrated Voter Engagement, through phone and/or text banking.

    Watch this space for faith-based community organizing training opportunities!

    Leadership Development

    Training Leaders in Community Organizing

    BRIDGE Maryland provides training for members of faith-based organizations, on the principle that the people experiencing injustice, given the right tools, are most effective in challenging it.  Training includes identifying self-interest, relationship building, power analysis and strategic planning.

    Some training is offered at every meeting of the General Assembly and of the Religious Leaders' Caucus.  More intensive and extensive training is offered through a local 1-2 day training.

    All organizational and individual members are eligible and partially subsidized for the longer trainings offered by our national organizing, Gamaliel Network. Updates on Gamaliel Training can be found on their website: Gamaliel Training 2020

    Due to Covid 19, in person trainings are currently on hold.  

    Bridge Maryland strives to build relationships within communities!

    Bridge Maryland, Inc., a 501 c-3 Organization

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